So, let’s assume you’ve made it through my page and like what you see… What happens next?

How Do We Chat?

Please use the contact page to reach out to me regarding your specific date. You can also call me at 732-768-0597 anytime for a free consultation. Getting to know my clients is extremely important to me, as I want your photos or video to reflect your unique personality.

How Do I Secure My Date?

Nothing fancy or worrysome here. I’ll just fill in the blanks on a simple agreement with your info, send it to you, you send it back, and photos/video will be taken. EASY! I only book one wedding or event per weekend, and I personally shoot each wedding (along with a 2nd photographer/videographer, should you desire!). We require a 50% deposit to hold all dates.

What Happens On My Wedding Day?

Depending on the package you book, we typically arrive when the Bride is getting ready. If you booked a 2nd shooter, they will go with the Groom to capture those moments. During your ceremony, both photographers will be set up in opposite sides, allowing for a unique vantage point for each camera. After the ceremony, one photographer will usually go directly to the reception site, while the other hangs around to take care of the formal family and wedding party shots. We then move onto the reception, in which we will capture all of the night’s memories. The ending point of the coverage depends on the package chosen, and we will coordinate that with you to make sure we can photograph all the important events before leaving.

When will I receive my photos or video?

After your event, we immediately start working on editing your photos and video. Each photo is expertly retouched and color corrected, and all video is meticulously gone through to ensure optimal quality. For photos, you will receive teaser photos approximately 1 week after your wedding, with all of your photos delivered within one month. You should expect to receive between 75 and 100 photos per hour of coverage. For video, you will receive a highlights video within a couple of weeks of your wedding. The final BluRay/DVD package will be delivered within 3 months of your wedding.

What equipment do you use?

We routinely travel to events with upwards of $30,000 worth of equipment. It might seem like overkill, but we’d rather be safe than sorry. We use the following cinema cameras to document your day in 4K – Canon C300 Mark III, Canon C200 and Canon C70 (x2). For photography, we bring multiple Canon 5D Mark IV bodies, and we use all pro Canon primes zoom lenses. Sliders, shoulder rigs, drones, yadda yadda yadda. Long story short – we use pro equipment to get pro results.

How Many Shooters Should I Book?

When it comes to weddings, we highly recommend booking a package with 2 shooters. Your wedding day is really a moving target, and two photographers or two videographers ensures all of your special moments will all be captured. If you book two photographers, one is usually dedicated solely to the bride, while the other is dedicated to the groom. All of those little special moments will be captured. If you book two videographers, you’ll get one for the bride and one for the groom, until we eventually split up to capture “b roll” of those little moments you’ll never see. Trust me; book two 🙂 !

How Do You Book New Business?

We do no advertising whatsoever. We rely solely on word of mouth and client referrals. You hire me, then tell two friends, who then tell two friends, and so on… We love referrals and our business thrives on it. Thank you in advance for passing along your experience to friends and family.